How to hang Christmas lights.

Hanging Christmas lights can seem like difficult task to complete. However if you follow this guide step by step it can be accomplished by anyone,
regardless of experience.

Step One – Measure Your Home

Begin by examining your roofline and anywhere else you may want to attach lights to. Common locations include the roofline, window frames, door frame and
pillars. Measuring them will tell you how many lights, and the correct length that is required.

Step Two – Determining the Right Light Clips

The clips that you will be attaching your lights to come in many varieties, depending on the surface they will be attached to. They are designed for
surfaces such as shingles, gutters, roof-tile, brick, glass.

Step Three – Installing the Clips and Socket Wire

With a sturdy ladder you will need to apply the light clips to the surface area of the installation. Make sure they are steady before attatching the
wiring. When you are ready to install the lights to the wire be sure to start near where the outlet is located.

Step Four – Light it Up!

After everything the fastened together, screw in the bulbs and plug it in! Be sure to attach a timer to the outlet, as so they won’t be on in the daytime and very late night.

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