Consider upgrading your home’s wiring

When you think there’s an electrical issue with your lights and appliances, it may not actually be an issue with the devices. Perfectly fine devices can seem to be malfunctioning because of faulty wiring. While you may upgrade the devices in your home, the wiring stays the same. If the wiring in your home is over forty years old, then it may be time to upgrade your home’s wiring. Whether its aluminum wiring used from the 60s through the 70s, or the non-metallic wiring used in homes from the 40s to the 50s, they are all well known safety hazards. Another safety hazard includes two-pronged ungrounded outlets. Without proper grounding, any surges of electricity will have nowhere else to go except for into your devices. Waiting to upgrade your wiring is a risk; bad wiring is the leading cause for house fires. Upgrading your wiring also goes beyond safety; it also increases the functionality of your home. Having an up to date home is important for keeping up with today’s always expanding technology. With up to date phone, cable, and internet lines, you won’t be left behind.

Signs that you need to upgrade your wiring:

  • Circuit breakers are tripping
  • Blown or burned fuses
  • Extension cords being used to compensate for the lack of power outlets
  • Rodents chewing on wiring
  • Audible noises from your circuit breaker such as popping, crackling, and buzzing
  • You can smell or see burning of the wiring or electrical panel

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