Electrical Service Panel Upgrades

Cir­cuit break­ers and fuses pro­tect your house from power over­loads caused by spikes in the power sup­ply. When­ever there is a surge, a fault, or sim­ply a new air con­di­tion­ing sys­tem instal­la­tion, chances are you will need a cir­cuit breaker change to meet the load demand for the equip­ment to meet local codes. Since cir­cuit break­ers are made in vary­ing sizes for dif­fer­ent wire sizes, every­thing has to match to ensure the wiring is not dam­aged or burned. Improper cir­cuit break­ers could lead to a seri­ous fire haz­ard and cause major dam­age. Only expe­ri­enced, licensed elec­tri­cians should work on your elec­tri­cal system.

Ser­vice and panel upgrades are nec­es­sary when homes, stores or other facil­i­ties are ren­o­vated and load demand grows. In Duval County if the panel upgrade is done then a ser­vice upgrade is required. There are many rea­sons why you may need a new panel — increased load demand, safety, and the incon­ve­nience of liv­ing with a sys­tem that can­not keep up with the demands of your busi­ness or household.

If you are in an older build­ing, chances are your elec­tri­cal sys­tem is already work­ing near or beyond its intended capac­ity. Now is when rewiring and a panel upgrade is needed. When pur­chas­ing an older home the home­owner must see if the elec­tri­cal sys­tem can meet the require­ments for an air con­di­tioner or a home spa. These new fea­tures will require an appro­pri­ate ser­vice panel upgrade. Homes built prior 1970 may have a breaker panel that may pose a fire haz­ard. A qual­i­fied elec­tri­can in Jack­sonville is required to com­plete these upgrades.

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