Generators for the Home

Ever get your power knocked out by a storm?

It’s annoying when the power to your house gets knocked out. Small outages that last a couple of minutes happen sometimes, but what about when it goes out for an un-perceivable amount of time? It could be caused by living with an unreliable power grid or hurricanes and storms. But when it happens perishable goods won’t last long in the fridge and freezer, the AC system won’t cool your house, and anything that doesn’t run on a battery won’t do a thing for you.

It’s time like these when it’s useful to have a home generator.

Home Generators

The most common generators for home use are portable and standby. They all run on fuel (diesel, natural gas, or propane for example).

Portable models are cheaper than the standby version and can be stored and rolled out when needed. However, they have to be refilled many times throughout the day when you are using it. Portable generators have uses outside of emergency power outages, like for recreational purposes. If you want to power the entire house, it’s a standby system that you’re looking for.

Standbys are installed outside your home and wired into the electric system. Some systems can automatically power the house as soon as the power is knocked out. They are expensive compared to the portable versions and require professional installation.

For more information about standby generators and if you’re interested in one for your home, give our office a call, we’ll be glad to answer.

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