Utilizing Low Energy Bulbs at Home

These days, the most common energy saving lighting devices are compact fluorescent lamps which are also referred to as CFL’s. These lighting types have been touted to be among the best and most affordable low energy bulbs for homes and offices.

Although some still question the effectiveness and long-term benefit of these types of lighting devices, many however are giving it positive reviews and say that CFL’s and other energy-efficient lighting devices are a step in the right direction. According to green lighting advocates, the standard light bulbs consume large amounts of energy because these turn energy into heat rather than light. CFL’s on the other hand work in the same manner as their early fluorescent cousins, wherein the electric current makes its way through gas in a tube and its tube coating glows brightly.

These low energy bulbs truly utilize lesser energy, remain cool to the touch, and generate the same amount of light as traditional lighting devices. According to green advocates, if only all of us use just one energy saving light bulb in our homes, we could save as much as 1-million buses full of CO2 emissions, and if each household uses just three energy saving bulbs at home, they would be able to generate extra energy to run our nation’s street lights for a year.

Wouldn’t that be great for the environment, as well as to the economy?

Consumers today need not fret anymore or find any excuses not to use energy saving light bulbs. It’s a fact that these home-lighting devices last longer than standard home lighting devices, as long as 6 to 15 years depending on the wattage type and lighting product you purchase. Consumers are also given the opportunity to save as much as of 75% of the energy you would use with traditional incandescent or old-school fluorescent lighting. In addition, the latest array of low-energy light bulbs manufactured and sold today are no longer really big ones, as these are usually slightly smaller than their standard lighting equivalents. These low energy lighting equipments also come with attractive designs and classic shapes. The wide variety of compact fluorescent lighting and energy saving bulbs sold these days is also equipped with domestic dimmer switches to enable users to increase the light or reduce it by using a conventional light switch. Consumer welfare advocates also note that the energy-efficient home lighting devices sold today are much safer to use especially in confined areas, and also generate very little heat as compared to the standard lighting devices. These devices are also considered safe to use in areas where children are present and do not easily spark or burn up.

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