Schneider Electric Recalls PowerPact J-Frame Circuit Breakers Due to Fire, Burn, Electrical Shock Hazards

The recall in Shneider Electricvolves PowerPact J-frame molded case circuit breakers with thermal-magnetic trip units. The circuit breakers are made of black plastic and have a three-position breaker handle that indicates whether the breaker is off, on or tripped. The recalled circuit breakers are rated for 150 to 250 amps, have interruption ratings of D, G, J, L and R. They were manufactured in two pole and three pole configurations with either lug-in/lug-out or plug-in (I-Line) style connectors. Electric Recall.

Breakers with following catalog numbers are being recalled:

Catalog NumberBreaker Type
(N)JDX26XXX2 Pole
(N)JGX26XXX2 Pole
(N)JJX26XXX2 Pole
(N)JLX26XXX2 Pole
(N)JDX36XXX3 Pole
(N)JGX36XXX3 Pole
(N)JJX36XXX3 Pole
(N)JLX36XXX3 Pole
(N)JRX36XXX3 Pole

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